Areas of Clinical Focus

  • Trauma
  • Religious Trauma
  • Healthy Masculinity
  • Divorce Support
  • Emotional Regulation

Angela Abide M.Ed., LPC


Phone: (512) 636-0104

Insurance Accepted: Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, Oscar, Oxford

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy who teaches clients to practice Self-led mediation as a way to manage: their minds and emotions, their relationships with others, and their interactions in the world. I believe that everyone has what they need and work with my clients to help them discover how to be true to themselves and how to become a great Self-manager.

Additionally, I specialize in the following: men’s issues and the specific challenges men face, divorce and the challenges encountered through that process, and Religion—from those who seek Christian counseling to those who have been wounded by church and religion.

What extra trainings or credentials might you hold?

Level 1 Internal Family Systems Training, Conflict Resolution Training: Divorce Mediation

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