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Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Behavior

Did you know OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) affects 1 in 40 adults?

Obsessions can often come in the form of ugly, unwanted, and intrusive thoughts that are sometimes very disturbing and get stuck on repeat. Often you'll find a compulsion is a strong attempt to control these thoughts, get rid of them, or at least override them. These attempts to make the anxiety go away can become compulsive, knee jerk reactions that can be hard to tear yourself away from.

The problem is, the more you try to control these thoughts and attempt to remedy them with a compulsion, the more they dig in their heels. It's an endless loop.

Maybe you are suffering endless nights awake, terrified that your thoughts may become your reality?

Or perhaps you are turning down opportunities and invitations out of fear of acting on an impulse or doing something out of character that you’d always regret?

Do you find you are spending way too much time going back to check and make sure you didn't do something you're afraid of doing by accident?

Are you bending to every demand your OCD places, but still can not get closer to feeling certain that these awful things will not happen?

Our OCD therapists in Austin will sit down with you and explain how anxiety works.

You will learn how some of the very ways you’ve been coping in order to feel better may actually be feeding this monster! You will also learn what to do to start to starve it.

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A Few Common Obsessional Themes:

Fear of germs or contagions

Perverse or offensive thoughts and/or imagery

Fear of harming oneself or others

Fear of being gay

Fear of acting out inappropriately sexually

Fear of blurting out something hurtful or “wrong”

Fear of doing the wrong thing

Fear of upsetting God

Fear of having an illness or disease

Fear of making a mistake

Fear of being misunderstood

Fears about being in a relationship

A Few Common Compulsive Behaviors:

 Constant cleaning or handwashing

A strong desire to order or arrange things in a specific manner

Repeated checking and/or redoing

Counting rituals

Constant analyzing, arguing, and debating with thoughts

Reassurance seeking from loved ones, the internet, or professionals

Severe avoidance of certain people, places, activities or things

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment in Austin

Our compassionate counselors will walk you through exercises that allow you to develop proven skills to tame this bully in your head.

You can learn how to stop doing the endless compulsions that it demands.

We will guide and encourage you while you begin using research based practices and make them your new habits for life.

We will support you as you form new ways of dealing with anxiety and literally start to change the pathways in your brain. Our clinicians will encourage you and motivate each step of the way. During this new journey, we help you to identify what you truly want out of life and what really motivates you to do this hard work.

We teach you how to see your thoughts as thoughts and break free from the mandates of an over sensitive and relentless anxious mind.

Learn how to stop the noise in your head from dictating your life! With education, you will gain courage. With skills, you will gain tools! With a counselor, you will have a guide and coach along the way. With practice, you get some clarity and calm your mind.

We can help you overcome compulsive behavior & obsessive thoughts. Get your life and peace of mind back! Contact us now.

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