For Mental Health Professionals


Committed to education and outreach, our therapists regularly participate in community events and speak on our areas of specialization. Register for our newsletter to receive information on upcoming events and CEU talks.



As specialists in evidence-based treatments for OCD, anxiety, and depression, we are available to consult with professional colleagues on an as-needed basis. We offer trusted and objective perspectives that add valuable new dimensions to the treatment plans of a growing community of colleagues.

To an increasing degree within our profession, outreach to colleagues who have highly specific expertise and training is viewed as an essential exercise to enhance knowledge of current research and the most effective treatments.


Employment Opportunities for Counselors

Bray Counseling aims to provide the Austin Area with a group of therapist that have specialized skill sets and advanced training in evidence-based therapies. We offer a unique experience that allows a clinician the feel of running a “private practice” while providing administrative support, clinical support, and a collegial atmosphere. We are currently accepting applications for licensed master level therapists. Candidates must be driven, collaborative, and enhance our fun, connected, and a positive minded group of clinicians. Learn more about Employment Opportunities.