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Lauren Thomas Hale, LPC-Intern

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I wholeheartedly believe everyone has an innate ability to become a more vivid, empowered and healthier version of themselves. They may just need the guidance and expertise of a Mental Health professional to help them make sense of their past experiences. I make it my mission to cultivate a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients to help them grow and to promote positive change. Every client has their own sense of inner wisdom, and I utilize many evidenced-based approaches including mindfulness, meditation and humanistic therapies to help them explore their emotional experiences and bring insight into their lives.

I am dedicated to working with adolescents, adults, and couples to help them process all they’ve been through and to make meaning of the painful parts of their past. I hold a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Houston Baptist University, and have completed the renowned Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 Clinical training.

My passion is to help others navigate the ups and downs of life and understand that whatever they go through does not have to keep them hurt or stuck, rather it is the value they create from these experiences that matter.

Couples Therapy Modalities:

In Emotionally Focused Therapy the relationship is the client, there are reasons why couples have destructive behaviors in how they relate to their partner. EFT focuses on the gut-level emotional response (primary emotions). Primary emotions are the emotions that connect us, they include sadness, fear, hurt, anger (is both primary and secondary), shame, joy, excitement, and surprise.

We tend to cover our primary emotions with secondary emotions. Secondary emotions include anger, jealousy, defensiveness, frustration, and resentment. For example, instead of feeling hurt (primary) we replace it with anger (secondary).

Using EFT together we will identify the negative cycle, identify the disowned needs, learn to express needs and wants and consolidate new positions. I enjoy using exercises and pulling from Gottman Couples Therapy and Imago Couples therapy. Gottman’s Sound Relationship House is a helpful visual of everything that goes into a lasting relationship. Gottman also has a “Love Maps” questionnaire that helps a partner understand the others inner world, which is the foundation of the Sound Relationship House. Gottman explains that conflict in relationships is not the problem but how we deal with conflict when he describes The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

I also enjoy using the Imago Couples dialogue to help couples deescalate the way they talk to each other so that each partner feels heard and understood. What is most important in couple’s work, is that each partner is supportive. I encourage couples to create a deeply satisfying loving relationship vision. If partners are not supporting each other, I would encourage individual counseling instead.

Trauma and PTSD Modalities:

I pull from a couple therapies when working with clients who are struggling with trauma and PTSD. I use the Eugene Gendlin Focusing techniques. I enjoy this process because once clients identify their emotions, they get to experience the natural carrying forward that our emotions provide. This experiencing our emotions gives us direction. I work with clients to find a special way where they can carry the felt process forward. I also use Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), in CPT clients will recall their trauma in a safe environment where we can together begin working towards creating a meaning about the traumatic event that takes the reality of the traumatic event into account without going overboard into manufactured emotions.

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