Meet Our Team

Kasey Meyer, LPC-Intern
Supervised by Leslie Larson, LPC-S


I can teach you skills using proven strategies that assist in reducing the frequency and intensity of anxiety, worry, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Helping people understand anxiety and change their relationship with it is at the core of my practice.

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Adolescents-College Students-Adults | OCD & Related Disorders | Anxiety | Depression | ERP | Mindfulness | LGBTQIA+ Issues | Hair Pulling & Skin Picking | Hoarding | Digital Hoarding
Samantha Bray, LCSW


I have a message for those who feel afflicted with a running tape of disturbing thoughts, or who are stuck on the same repetitive behaviors, or who are plagued with fears that others deem irrational: I can help. My approach is to draw from many theories depending on the client’s unique challenges and personality.

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OCD | ROCD | HOCD | Fears & Phobias | ERP | Adults | Moms | Professionals | Students | Supervision
Jeff Bray

Chief Operations Officer

Jeff brings his years of experience in the private and public business sectors to manage operations at Bray Counseling.

Gloria Guajardo-Coyle

Office Administrator

As the office administrator, Gloria works behind the scenes to assists in the day to day processes of our growing group of clinicians. She also assists our clinicians with navigating the administrative details, so they can focus on what they do best, therapy.

Tamera Lagalo

Intake and Billing Specialist

As the intake and billing specialist, Tamera assists new clients in choosing the therapist who best fits their specific needs and helps navigate the complicated world of insurance.