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You’re wanting a place to speak freely without judgment.

A place you can experience the hope and healing that a therapeutic relationship with a counselor promises.

You’re tired of being treated like an outsider.

Whether Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, or Transgender (LGBT), you want a therapist that is sensitive to your specific needs.

A counselor that gets you.

One that understands you may be seeking counseling help for the same kinds of issues we all can face in life. For example:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Relationship conflict
  • Work stressors

You’re finding despite increased awareness today about LBGT issues, you are battling a world that seems ever reluctant to see past your sexuality or identity.

You don’t have to navigate this world feeling all alone. We are here to help.

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Our compassionate counselors can help you address and manage feelings such as:








We offer personalized counseling to help you through life transitions and stressors such as:

Traumatic events

Grief and loss


Couples therapy

Coming out

New relationships

Break ups

Peer cruelty

Workplace issues

Family conflict

Societal challenges

At Bray Counseling, we understand the feelings of loneliness and isolation caused by rejection, cruelty from your peers, and family conflict.

When you seek counseling with one of our therapists:

✔ You will be supported and be able to speak freely in a non-judgmental setting

✔ You will learn ways to cope with challenging thoughts, emotions, and relationships

✔ You will have someone to walk alongside you and help you set and reach your goals

✔ You will begin to understand your are worthy and loveable. That a stigma does not define you.

✔ You will learn to surround yourself with supportive folks

✔ You will get help from a compassionate therapist for additional mental health needs if necessary

✔ You will be able to fully share your experiences with another in a safe and healing lace to feel less stigma and isolation

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Kimberly Gilbert, M.A., LPC

Kasey Meyer, LPC-Intern
Supervised by Leslie Larson, LPC-S

Lauren Thomas Hale, LPC-Intern
Supervised by Stephanie Cruz-Trevino, LPC-S